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A little bit about my backstory 

We all love and need to hear each others back stories, it helps us connect and remember we are all one and here to support each other.

Glolife was founded by Gemma. I am a parent first; it is one of the most important roles in my life.

But being a parent is not all that I am, and sometimes we can get lost in the labels and start to take on the identity of Mum, Dad, Shop Assistant, Lawyer, Teacher, friend, partner etc. It's so easy to start forgetting who we are, what we love doing and what makes us. Our essence. 

We inevitably abandon ourselves and create a made up version of ourselves to fit into this mould society and ourselves have created, to keep the peace, try and stay safe, look good, appear'nice', fit in or to please others. 

When these made up characters are not aligned with our true self, this can eventually lead to addictions such as care taking, excessive drinking, beautifying, excessive exercising, eating disorders (either over eating or under eating),sex addictions, social media binging, excessive gaming, excessive cleaning, alcohol and drug abuse and many more. 

I myself for many years have been guilty of abandoning myself with perfectionism, busyness, procrastination, toxic relationships and care taking to subconsciously try and gain some control in my life.

"I myself for many years have been guilty of abandoning myself"

This came to ahead for me after my daughter was born in 2011, when I realised something had to change before I became seriously ill. I was eating shit drinking too much, trapped in a toxic relationship, exercising to get slim and care taking to exhaustion. I was basically a floating head; I was not present in my body most of the time.

I went for a facial one day, and I couldn't even rest my head down on the bed the lady kept saying relax, and I physically could not. That's how tense I was, and my breathing was shallow and short.

It was starting to have an impact on my mental health and my physical health living like this on a daily basis, and I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety, and you guessed it given pills to suppress. I took them for a while during the worst of it, a hairline from going homeless, loosing my business and dragged through family court for four years (to be continued) but all it did was stop my heart from beating so fast and was clearly not a long term fix. Eventually things calmed down, and I was able to reflect on my path and so my journey began...

Maybe parts of my story will resonate with how you feel now. It's never too late to start your journey to healing and to live the life that you dream of.

I've always been drawn to helping people and why I so easily become addicted to care taking (My vice) and almost everyone I know has some form of addiction. The key is recognising it and taking full responsibility then implementing the action. This is what the journey is, and it's hard.

"It's never too late to start your journey to healing and to live the life that you dream of"

There is no set time frame. I'm already nearly a decade into my healing journey, and I'm nowhere near healed. It is a slow process, but we must be kind to ourselves, but 100% honest that's the key.

A few years ago, it was my goal to create Glolife. With a vision that came to me in my spin class (That's where most of my ideas come in),I wanted it to be a starting point place for anyone wanting to take full responsibility for themselves and those on a journey of growth and healing.

Lockdown launched a spanner at me with my plans but Iv used that spanner to tighten up my nuts and bolts and come back stronger than ever.

People who don't want to be a slave to society with labels of beauty standards and hierarchies of wealth on top of the food industry poisoning us with processed crap and constantly being bombarded with bad news then. People who are serious about changing their lives for the better, then my studio is a place you can find equilibrium within your everyday life and move forward.

I am a Yoga teacher, Breathwork coach and Cosmetologist for 20 years and have recently started on my Reiki journey of energy healing. I take a science-based down to earth personable, realistic but fun approach to my work. I will also be training to be a functional health coach early next year, and will be offering a whole package of functional health options in the studio while collaborating with other professionals, Dr's nurses, dentists and psychiatrists that all take a functional health


"It's a journey there is no destination with healing"

I understand that we are all at different stages of our healing journey and it's so f**cking hard often we can dip in and out from day to day. It's OK to not be positive all the time, it's a journey there is no destination with healing.

Have that glass of wine, get reactive occasionally and eat rubbish. I know I do. Then I get right back on it again without berating myself.

On my website you will find many courses for yoga and breathwork, some are online and some combine online and in person, including a new pre-teens weekly class in the studio starting September 2022.

 I offer a selection of cosmetology treatments within the studio such as massage facials and back scrubs because these treatments compliment our healing work and the breathwork and yoga too.

I use Neals Yard organic skin care range (Lovely products can't fault them yet).

Learn more about what I offer below:


Group Classes

Organic Massage/ Facials/Back Scrubs in the studio

1.1 Yoga Sessions online and in the studio

1.1 Breathwork Sessions online and in the studio

Pre-Teen Group Classes (Term time only)

Coming Soon


Women's circles (groups) 

Yoga and breathwork (group classes in studio classes coming soon).

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 Lots of love Gemma 

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