Purition, My Choice of protein powder & Why it beats all the rest?

Purition, My Choice of protein powder & Why it beats all the rest?

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your diet, or both, here is some simple advice to assist you along the way. It’s a good start to quit high sugared processed protein shakes. And after I turned to using Purition I never looked back. I stock the whole range in my Glolife Studio. Here’s why!

Making Healthy Eating Easy.

If you want to feel better, lose weight, or both, you need to eat less processed food. It can be hard in a busy world, but Purition can do the work for you. A minimally processed whole food meal that is ready in no time.

  • You can get the results you want by eating healthy. It is an instant meal, with tons of natural nutrition.
  • Everything you need for your body. Free from everything it doesn’t need. No junk, no chemicals, and no artificial sweeteners.
  • It’s a great option for coeliac. It is also good for people with diabetes.
  • The perfect balance of whole foods and healthy fats gives you long-lasting energy and keeps you feeling full for longer.

There Is A Lot Of Fibre, With No Junk Or Additives.

Purition is a solution made for everyone to be at their healthiest. We need to eat natural whole foods, consistently. With busy jobs and hectic schedules, it is hard to find the time to cook every meal from scratch.

Purition is a whole food meal, instantly, without all the faff. Loaded with protein, healthy fats and heaps of naturally-occurring vitamins, it’ll keep you full for hours and makes it so much easier to stay on track.

Wholefood Ingredients From Where They Are Grown. Better Tasting. Fresher. More Nutritious.

That’s things like pumpkin seeds from Northern Greece, where they’ve been grown for generations. Sunflower seeds from the fields of France. Or chia seeds and golden linseed from British farms. The list goes on.

There are no cheap imports or powdered junk in Purition. They only use real food ingredients from trees and fields, not science labs or factories.

Because nothing beats whole foods and the natural goodness that they contain when it comes to good health.

They Are Not A Powder. They Are A Fine Chop!

Most companies refine their ingredients down into a powder that dissolves in water. This destroys all the natural nutrition, which is why they have to add synthetic vitamins back in.

Purition don’t go further than a fine chop, because they care about your health. Purition is made and textured with seeds and nuts – it’s crunchy – and they are proud of that, because that’s where all the goodness is!

For you, that means heaps of vitamins, nourishing fats, fibre and protein from real foods, not chemicals, in every shake.

Making Healthy Eating Easy, One Meal At A Time.

The key to feeling healthy or maintaining a healthy weight is consistency. But that requires a lot of shopping, planning and prep. It’s hard, time-consuming and can be expensive.

Purition makes it so much easier. If you eat 3 small meals a day, and one of them is Purition, that’s 33% of the work already done for you. You’ll still enjoy a healthy meal, but have more time left in the day to do the things you enjoy. I use them in the morning before the school runs so that I'm not hangry and running on empty.

At £1.40 per meal when you buy 4 or more 12-meal bags, it’s affordable too.

  • Purition is suitable for any life stage, including young adult, senior, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, coeliac etc, subject to allergy requirements.

Purition is super easy to use — and it’s versatile, too! I strongly recommend that you try it in the following three ways.

Blend it with 200–250ml milk to make a shake. Stir into a small pot or serving of yoghurt for an easy yoghurt bowl. Or simply mix with a dash of hot water or milk to make your own instant porridge.

40g = 4 heaped teaspoons / 1 whole sample sachet
50g = 5 heaped teaspoons/ half a baking cup measure

  • Start the day right and enjoy Purition for breakfast or lunch. Or replace one less nutritious meal or sugary snack with a serving of Purition.
  • You can help to have a positive impact on your diet if you consume Purition at least 5 or 6 times a week. One shake once a week will not be enough to help you make a significant dietary change.
  • Purition is delicately flavoured with real food ingredients. It has a mildly nutty taste and texture, is not overly sweet and the differences between the flavours are subtle.
  • Purition Original tastes nutty, while Vegan Purition is earthier due to the nature of plant proteins. If your dietary requirements allow, start with Purition Original.
  • You’ll add five times more liquid than Purition, so the taste will change depending on the milk (and extras) you choose. If you use a strongly flavoured nut milk like almond or hazelnut, it will taste even nuttier. If you use oat milk, it will taste oaty. I recommend using Plenish milk as it is organic and only uses three simple ingredients.

For example, half a frozen banana blended with whole milk and Purition Macadamia and Vanilla tastes like ice-cream! Test out a few milk & flavour variations to see what works best for you.

Purition is made from minimally processed whole foods like seeds, nuts, fruit and protein from plants or milk. This is what makes it stand out from other protein shakes for me.

  • There are no chemicals or additives in Purition, which makes it better for you, better for the environment and better for long-term health and immunity.

Try Purition For yourself, stocked in my studio or online


Article by Gemma

Published 29 Aug 2022